The Dark Alleys

GM Notes - Parisian Spooks and Witches

Gonna get me some snakeskin boots!

In the aftermath of the theft of the Black Diamond and the Raziel Egg, Jonty, Dimitri, and Klaus met with Lord Christopher in his office in the Royal Society. The initial demand that the police be informed for Sarah Bellborough’s involvement is deflected by Lord Christopher claiming that it is perhaps better if the matter was kept discrete. Better that the names of the involved members around the room were kept out of the Police Engines registers. Lord Christopher instead gives the team a contact in Paris’s Black Chamber and sends them to meet him at his residence in the Left Bank.

The road to Paris

Using Mark II as a guide our intrepid agents head off through the Dark Alleys towards Paris. They travel through the tunnels of London’s underground railway where they are ambushed by a group of Lizardmen, similar to the the creature that Dimitri and Klaus had encounters in the mines of South Wales. Jonty shows some pluck attempting to wrestle one of the huge half snake half men and manages some success through his ability to pop his shoulder out of it’s socket, but finds himself constricted and almost crushed to death. He is saved by Klaus who uses his undead soul siphon powers to drain the very life out of the lizardman holding Jonty.

Another Lizardman uses its ability to fade into the darkness to surprise attack the undead protector but Klaus uses his fighting skills to great effect and parries the blows. Dimitri makes light work of the Lizardman facing him and then leaves final Liazrdman to face off to Klaus alone. who shrugs off the attack and lets the last creature to slink off into the darkness.

The team continues their journey through the underground tunnels and finally emerge in the catacombs of Paris with walls incrusted with skulls and bones.

The Rothschild’s gift

At the Rothschild manse on the left bank of the Seine, Jonty and his companions meet with Lord Christopher’s contact in the french Black Chamber. Monsieur Phillipe Rothschild listens with interest to the claim that Zara Belaroux has stolen both the Black diamond necklace and the Raziel Egg from the British royal family. He then assures the team that Zara is not an agent of the Black Chamber nor French Intelligence and has not worked for them for some time. He claims that the french spy had been romantically engaged with the head of French Intelligence and jokes that when they retrieve the egg and diamond they should return the frenchman’s heart too.

He gives the team a white replica of the black diamond and claims that the diamonds have been bound by sympathetic magic allowing them to track the whereabouts of the true black diamond.

Dinner with a temptress

Finding that their own Entropic magics were not up to the task, Lord Bartlett leafs through his little black book and pulls out a old acquaintance in the french capital, Jocelyn Du Pre, a socialite with a reputation as a witch. Jonty is not altogether sure if the reputation could not be sourced to himself as the last evening that he spent with her had episodes in it that were not strictly speaking physically possible. After reacquainting with Jocelyn, Jonty was able to solict her arcane aid in activating the sympathetic charm that had been placed on the diamonds. Using a very expensive bottle of red wine and a saucer Jocelyn was able to conjure an image of the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan skyline. The diamond and by extension the Raziel were in New York City!


While Jonty Bartlett paid off his debt to Adrienne in kind, Klaus and Dimitri seek help in researching the Lizardmen they have encountered. The coins that they retrieved from the corpses in the Alleys. A mysterious pawnbroker was able to identify the coins as those of ancient Samarkand but were truly old. If the pair could supply the gnomish Swiss with more of the coin he would glad purchase them.

Afterwards they visited a Parisian master shoe maker who they commissioned to make two pairs of snakeskin boots from the skins of their vanquished foes. The quality and quantity of the harvested snake skins is such that the shoe maker promises to make the boots in return for the copious of cuts for the process. All three parties shake hands happy with the deal.


Inexorable Inexorable

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