The Dark Alleys

GM Notes - A Day at the Races

A Day at the Races

The heroes, as most of London, were at the Royal Steam Engine Races in Regents park at the start of this weeks session. The Races being a new annual event in the capital, where the most advanced steam powered carriages from around the empire and beyond are shown off and raced in a presidious and dangerous tournament.

Dimitri and Klaus had arranged a meeting with Sir William, Explorer of the Dark Country to attempt to gain knowledge of the african tribes he and Klaus had encountered in Wales. He hoped that Sir William would shed light upon the Troll-like Oni he had fought and the Cult of the Hooded Eye. Sir William clearly knew more about the cult than he was willing to share on that occasion but was willing to examine the book that Dimitri had found. They made an appointment to visit the explorer in his Regent Street home the following day.

Mark II, is watching with interest the side contest speed race between the engines of the Royal Society and the Académie des Sciences. The Royal Society engine is a advanced version of the winning engine from the previous year but the French engine is revolutionary using coal briquettes which have been saturated with petroleum. The Royal Society engine performed exactly as expected and cruises to victory whilst the French engine behaves erratically and explodes with great drama.

Lord John Bartlett, whilst attending Princess Alice in the Royal Enclosure, encounters a rival adventurer in the beautiful french spy and cat burglar Zara Belaroux. They greet and immediately pickpocket each other, Bartlett stealing a ring from Zara’s finger and Zara stealing a pocket watch from Bartlett’s right pocket and returning it to his left.

Zara is in disguise as the English Lady Sarah Bellborough and makes it clear to Bartlett that she means to steal the black diamond necklace that the Princess is sporting, but is willing to give the fabulous jewel to Bartlett in return for him performing and equally daring mission, and one that she believes that he cannot resist.

She tells of a Faberge egg, called the Raziel Egg, that will be presented soon to Queen Elizabeth as a gift from the Russian Zsar. The fabulous egg contains a difference engine of incredible intricacy and complexity, easily as powerful as the engines of Scotland Yard though miniaturised to fit into an egg the size of a human head. Zara tells Bartlett that the egg is being held in the Royal Society and that if he was to steal the egg for her she would exchange the Black Diamond for the egg.

After a meeting with British intelligence officer and Royal Society member Lord Christopher, the heroes hatch a plan to create a duplicate of the Raziel egg to fool Zara and outwit the French Intelligence. Lord Christopher takes them to the vault in Burlington House where the egg is being studied, and shows them the security around the egg and the egg itself. After giving the heroes paperwork which would allow them to secure a replica, the party head off through the Dark Alleys to Svartelhiem where the original was crafted.

During the journey through the Warrens, Mark II discovers that the pocket watch that Lord Bartlett is wearing is emitting a axiomatic signal. Fearing that the device is a bug planted by Zara Belaroux, Bartlett disposes of it in the warrens.

At Svartelhiem, the home of the Dark Elves or Dwarves of legend, the party petition the House of Svill to send a replica of the Raziel egg to Lord Christopher. They convince the dwarves to give them a set of prototypes, one of which could possibly be used to initiate the true Raziel. In return for this favour, Mark II, gives the House of Svill the opportunity to examine his workings.

Upon return to the real world Lord Bartlett and his companions find that they have been fooled and the egg stolen from Burlington House. Mark II, using his advanced knowledge of Axiomancy was able to determine that the pocket watch planted by Zara on Bartlett was using to capture the sound of the lock being opened and was used to replicate the combination. He also was able to surmised that only a sentient machine of a similar capacity to his own mind could make the calculations necessary.

Using the eyes of the guard automations in the egg chamber Mark is able to review the time of the robbery and was able to witness the egg being stolen by Zara and a mysterious cloaked mechanical man, noticing only the briefest flash of gold on it’s face. Lord Christopher commissions the group to find and retrieve the Raziel, with the upmost urgency and importance, granting them a licence to kill if necessary

Bartlett, making good his appointment at the Ritz, finds that Zara has stood him up leaving instead a jewel case for him. The case did not hold the black diamond as he hoped instead it held his pocket watch.


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