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The Dark Alleys

The year is 1872 and the world is waiting with bated breath for the onset of the Second American Civil War which could throw the world into flames. The North and South are gathering allies for the coming struggles and spies are everywhere. Immigrants fleeing persecution and conflict in the many colonies of the empire are arriving at the shores of Britain.

Beneath the surface of reality though lies a world even more on the edge of chaos. Diverse magic realms long held in check by the structures of the Treaty. The reality as most see and know is a lie, a consensus reality enforced by the world spanning powers. All cities are actually a part of a planet wide Metropolis connected by alleyways. Here too the immigrants are flowing into London but these immigrants are Trolls and Fae, devil and demon folk, and myriad more. The bounds of reality are frayed and the Treaty which has held for centuries is bowing under the strain.

The Commissioner of London is determined to hold the balance between Law and Chaos. Smog covered London is at the heart of all things and many nations and entities are interfering in matters here. Drastic and decisive action is required but the commissioner must tread carefully as the costs of failure is high.

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